Quick Answer: Is RBI Assistant A Clerk?

What is RBI assistant job?

RBI is one of the most prestigious organizations of India and is the Regulator of all the Banks.

It is a dream of every banking aspirant to fetch a job in the central bank.

Apart from carrying out everyday File work, the RBI Assistants are responsible for replying to the public mails and replying the RTI queries..

Is SBI Clerk Exam easy?

SBI Clerk prelims exam was easy to moderate. The English Language section was easy. The Numerical and Reasoning Ability was easy to moderate….SBI Clerk Prelims Overall Exam Analysis 2020.SectionsDifficulty LevelGood attemptsReasoning AbilityEasy to Moderate28-32Numerical AbilityEasy to Moderate26-302 more rows•Dec 4, 2020

Is SBI clerk a good job?

The SBI Clerk Salary is decent enough for an entry-level government job. The other benefits and growth opportunities too make it one of the most demanding jobs in India. Candidates appearing for SBI Clerk Exam 2020 must work on their overall development.

What is the cutoff of RBI assistant?

RBI Assistant Cut off Prelims 2017OfficeSCGENMumbai70.0074.25Nagpur–80.00New Delhi74.7585.75Patna69.7586.2513 more rows•Oct 19, 2020

What is the in hand salary of RBI assistant?

Rs. 14,650The allowances provided to an RBI Assistant include: Dearness Allowance. House Rent Allowance. City Compensatory Allowance….RBI Assistant SalaryBasic SalaryRs. 14,650Gross EmolumentsRs. 32,5281 more row

Is RBI assistant a good job?

RBI Assistant is undoubtedly one of the most respectable and the best job for the aspirants of the banking sector. One gets to learn a lot in the organization and simultaneously gets paid quite decently along with other perks and allowances. Working for RBI is a dream for many.

Can SBI Clerk get home posting?

You will find a SBI Branch at every nook and corner of the country and you can be posted anywhere there. For clerical cadre, generally the posting is within the state though that does not ensure that you will get posting in your home town or district.

What is salary of SBI clerk?

Rs 11,756SBI Clerk 2020 Pay Scale The payscale of SBI Clerk is Rs 11765-655/ 3-13730-815/ 3-16175-980/ 4-20095-1145/7-28110-2120/ 1-30230-1310/1-31450. The basic salary of SBI Clerk is Rs 11,756 with an increment of Rs 655.

Does RBI assistant have interview?

Important points for RBI Assistant Exam 2020 There will be no Interview. Candidates will have to pass in each of the objective tests of the online examinations. Both the prelims and mains exam will be conducted online. A candidate has to qualify in Preliminary Examination for appearing in Main Examination.

What is the highest post in RBI?

The highest position an RBI Grade B officer can rise to is Deputy Governor. With the right career path, the government can appoint Deputy Governors as the Governor of RBI! There is a strong chance of getting acquainted with some of the most prestigious organizations of the world such as World Bank, IMF etc.

Which is better RBI assistant or SBI clerk?

SBI Clerk Vs RBI Assistant: There is always some difference between the two jobs in terms of their salary, growth, job profile etc….RBI Assistant Vs SBI Clerk: Difference in Prelims exam.Basis Of Comparison (Prelims)RBI Assistant (prelims)SBI Clerk (Prelims)Negative MarkingYesyes5 more rows•Jan 9, 2020

Is RBI assistant exam easy?

RBI Assistant 2020 prelims exam was conducted on February 14 and 15. The overall difficulty level of the exam was easy to moderate. The English Language and Reasoning Ability sections were easy. The Numerical Ability section was easy to moderate.

Is RBI exam postponed?

RBI Assistant prelims scorecard and cut off are available now. A total of 926 vacancies had been announced for RBI Assistant 2020 exam….RBI Assistant 2020 Eligibility Criteria.OfficeTotalNew Delhi34Patna24Thiruvananthapuram & Kochi20Total92614 more rows

Do RBI assistants transfer?

Transfers and postings RBI Assistants do not get transferred till they complete at least 5 years of their service at one particular branch. This means that people with families have to move a lot lesser than their counterparts employed in other banks.

What is the salary of RBI assistant after 5 years?

The job stability and lucrative salary attract lakhs of candidates every year. More than 5.5 lakhs candidates appear for the prestigious exam every year….RBI Assistant Salary 2019-20 Highlights.ExamRBI Assistant ExamBasic SalaryRs.14,650/- per month8 more rows