Quick Answer: Is One Of You Or Are One Of You?

Could either of you meaning?

Typically, either is used only for two things.

We use any for more than two.

If either of you is going to…= there are only two people.

If any of you is going to…= there are more than two people.

Some prefer to use the plural verb, especially with ‘any..

Is one of them or are one of them?

2 Answers. The verb must agree with the subject ‘one’, therefore it’s ‘one of them was you’. “One of them” is a noun phrase referring to a single person. Therefore all its verbs are always singular.

Is one of the grammar?

Rule no 01 : The one of is a singular term and generally used to talk about a noun or a pronoun. Rule no 03 : The helping verb will always be in the singular form, as the helping verb agrees with “one of” and not with the plural noun in the sentence.

Are any of you vs Is any of you?

Use ‘are’ for plurals and ‘is’ for singles. Any implies plural unless otherwise indicated; therefore ‘are’ is used by default. However, if the ‘any’ is called out as singular, then use ‘is’. Anyone is singular.

Is one of my friends correct?

“One of” is indicating a particular member out of a set with multiple members in it, so it’s correct to use the plural form: “One of my friends.” If you only have one friend total, then you can just say “Yesterday, I met my friend.”

Do any of my friends or does any of my friends?

“Does his friends” or “Do his friends”—which one is correct? “Do his friends” is correct. Why? Because the subject of the partial sentence is plural (“friends”), so the form of the verb must be plural (“do”) to match it.

What is your good name?

“May I know your good name” is a typically Indian way of honouring another person by asking their name using an adjective like sweet, good, beautiful, et cetera. Of course there won’t ever be any bad or sour name (unless we feel it such) when asking.

Do anyone of you or does anyone of you?

Do you know why ‘Does anybody’ is correct? ‘Anybody’ is a third person singular form and takes -s in the present simple tense. That’s why the question form requires -s and ‘Does anybody’ is correct. The same would apply to ‘Does anyone’, ‘Does anything’ etc.

Is either one of you or are either one of you?

The conjugation of the verb ‘to be’ for both the singular and plural form is ‘are’. Hence ‘are you’ is applicable for both the singular and the plural. Hence ‘are either of you free?’ must always be correct.

Is one of the best grammatically correct?

4 Answers. Technically there is only one “best” so “one of the best” is synonymous with “best”, that said, it’s used quite often – it’s English not mathematics after all, imprecision is allowed. “One of the better ” is fine too. ‘One of the better’ may not be used because ‘the better ‘ can be used when compared the two …

Is or are one of the?

The confusion arises because of the proximity of “dishes” (in the plural form) with the verb. But the noun that is the subject of the sentence is “one”, a singular noun. So the correct verb form is “is”.

Has anyone of you or have anyone of you?

The correct form should be ‘have any of you’ as you is in plural form. ‘Any one of you’ is different. Any one, meaning ‘any single (person or thing),’ is written as two words to emphasize singularity: any one of us could do the job; not more than ten new members are chosen in any one year.

What is mean by either?

Definition of either (Entry 3 of 4) —used as a function word before two or more coordinate words, phrases, or clauses joined usually by or to indicate that what immediately follows is the first of two or more alternativescan be used either as a guest room or as an office. either. adverb.

What is a synonym for either?

as in several, specific. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for either. any, each, every.

Is there anyone or is anyone?

however, the form ”are there anyone” is grammatically correct. It depends upon the subject. If singular noun, then use ‘Is there..?’ If plural, use ‘Are there… ?’