Quick Answer: How Did Iswaran Control The Tusker?

Which all qualities of iswaran make him a good storyteller?

The qualities required to narrate a story is to give imaginative and creative descriptions, use dramatic gestures and language and add a thrill and suspense to it.

All of these qualities were present in Iswaran, making him a brilliant storyteller..

Can you think of some other ending of the story iswaran the storyteller?

Another ending can be of both Mahendra and Iswaran leaving the place together and in turn continuing their bond which is depicted earlier in the story. Iswaran has been explained as a man of all seasons for Mahendra.

What destruction did the elephant cause in the town?

1 Answer. The elephant caused a lot of destruction in the town. He broke branches, fences and smashed stalls. He entered a school play ground and broke a brick wall, pulled out a football goal post, tore down a volleyball net and flattened a water drum.

Why did iswaran decide that the tusker had gone mad?

The elephant became uncontrollable and entered the school ground. … In the meantime Iswaran grabbed a cane from a teacher and moved towards the elephant. He hit its third toenail and the beast collapsed. He claimed that he had used the Japanese art to control the tusker.

How does he narrate the story of the Tusker?

He narrated the story of an elephant by giving a prologue in which he called elephants ‘huge well- fed beasts. The tusker destroyed everything that came into the way. … When the elephant was ready to rush towards him, he moved forward and whacked its third toe nail.

Why did Mahendra want to shift from his workplace?

Answer Expert Verified Mahendra had to move place to place because he was a supervisor in a firm . That firm offered to hire supervisors at the construction sites. The nature of his job was to move from one place to another. … His job was to keep an eye on the activities at the work site .

What was iswaran special quality?

Iswaran was a master storyteller and could make up innumerable stories on different subjects. Another quality of Iswaran was his ability to improvise cooking material even at the remotest place. He could cook delicious dishes quickly as if he were doing some magic.

What did iswaran do usually after Mahendra left for work?

Answer: When Mahendra left for the office, Iswaran would do his work and take a leisurely bath. While taking bath, he kept muttering a prayer. After lunchtime, he would read for a while before going to sleep.

How did iswaran control the wild elephant?

According to Iswaran,he was studying in the junior class at that time. He grabbed a cane from the hands of one of the teachers and ran into the open. He moved slowly towards the elephant. … It looked stunned and collapsed.In this way, Iswaran controlled the wild elephant.

How did iswaran describe the female ghost?

Iswaran described the female ghost in the most garish manner. He said she had matted hair and a shrivelled face. She was also holding a foetus in her arms.

How do you control a mad elephant?

Fortunately, most elephant charges are just “mock” charges meant to frighten you but not harm you. If facing down a charging, angry elephant, your best bet is to shout, yell, and make as much noise as you can. With these directions in mind, you’ll be well prepared to survive an elephant charge.

Which art did iswaran used to control the wild beast?

How had Iswaran controlled the elephant? Answer: He did so by hitting him hard on the third toenail, which had temporarily paralysed its nervous system. He called it the Japanese art of karate or ju-jitsu.

How did iswaran build up his ghost story?

Iswaran built up the ghost story by narrating how he sometimes saw ghosts at night. He told details about having seen an ugly female ghost holding a foetus in her arms.

What was iswaran amazing capacity?

Answer. Answer: Iswaran was the cook of Mahendra he was attached to him he kept his meal was his cloth and chatted with him at night he had amazing capacity to produce vegetables and cooking ingredients he had always this things ready end in a desert where there was no shop at all he did miracle.

Why did Mahendra resolve to leave the haunted place the very next day?

He was afraid of the haunted place after hearing and watching a ghastly experience at night. He found that he often dreamt of that woman ghost. Therefore, he wanted to leave the place.