Question: Who Is Neeko Strong Against?

How can I hide my neeko?

– “Neeko can disguise herself as an allied champion.

Champion combat or casting damaging spell breaks the disguise.”.

What role is neeko?

Neeko is a play-making mage with the ability to deceive her opponents thanks to her unique passive. She has a variety of different builds and playstyles.

Who is Yasuo counter?

Ninja TabisYasuo is countered by Ninja Tabis. Grabbing an early Ninja Tabis can help you dodge his tornados, walk away when he has Conqueror stacked up, and negate his physical damage.

What should I build on Annie?

Annie Item BuildLuden’s Tempest.Sorcerer’s Shoes.Morellonomicon.Horizon Focus.Zhonya’s Hourglass.Rabadon’s Deathcap.

What should I build against neeko?

Champions with hard Crowd Control, long, poke-oriented, range, and displacement abilities, will be the strongest counters to Neeko.

Who counters poppy top?

TryndamerePoppy Counter Pick The strongest counter would be Tryndamere, a easy to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 48.07% (Bad) and Play Rate of 2.04% (High).

Is neeko a good champion?

Conclusion. Neeko is an extremely fun to play trickster mage who can become very annoying for your opponents to deal with. If you get pleasure out of watching others get frustrated, then Neeko is definitely the champion for you. While she does have a relatively low skill floor, her skill ceiling has yet to be seen.

Is on hit neeko still viable?

With the drastic nerfs to her attack speed and on-hit damage, the on-hit Neeko builds that had taken solo queue by storm are officially dead. The unique item path gave some relevance to a normally untouched champion in Patch 9.5 as players realized on-hit Neeko’s potential.

Can neeko go top?

Meanwhile as a top laner, all of Neeko’s options are open; she can stay top and push down turrets, or she can group up and unleash nasty 5 man ults/snares.

What Lane is ZYRA?

mid laneZyra is a supportive mage who can play mid lane but can also support. She is very strong and he Stranglethorns does a ton of damage combined with her Grasping Roots.

Who does neeko counter?

Neeko Game counter picksIvern. 38.9% Win Rate.Vladimir. 41.7% Win Rate.Swain. 41.7% Win Rate.

Who counters Zed mid?

Zed Counter Pick The strongest counter would be Heimerdinger, a moderately diffcult to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 50.88% (Average) and Play Rate of 0.93% (High).