Question: Which Is Better Fiitjee Or Narayana?

Which is better Narayana or VMC?

Both VMC and Narayana are premier IIT coaching institutes in India.

The study material of VMC is better than Narayana but this does not matter to you.

Also, the test series of VMC is more advanced than Narayana.

There are many other institutes too like FIITJEE, Resonance, etc..

Is Narayana Institute good for JEE?

Obviously Narayana is good for IIT Preparation you can see the top ranks achieved by the college and from past years its growth is more. They implement advanced teaching methods and structured mock tests and quiz hours plays a major role in the success of the student to crack a IIT.

Which is better Fiitjee or vidyamandir?

VMC has produced much better results than Fiitjee.

Is Narayana material enough for JEE?

Material of all coaching classes is more or less similar . You can opt for any one . Narayana is also ok. You need a practical study material for JEE preparation.

Does VMC offer scholarships?

Vidyamandir Classes, which conduct NAT 2020 every year, will offer 100 percent scholarship to those students who do well in the admission test. … NAT is a qualifying test conducted by VMC for its foundation programs which is available in both classroom and online format.