Question: What Are The 16 CSI Divisions?

What is a CSI code?

The 16 Divisions of construction, as defined by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)’s MasterFormat, is the most widely used standard for organizing specifications and other written information for commercial and institutional building projects in the U.S.

and Canada..

What CSI division is wood framing?

Division 06 – Wood, Plastics, and Composites Manufacturers Material and product manufacturers relating to Wood, Plastics, and Composites are organized by the product or the material into CSI sections.

What CSI division is drywall?

Division 09 – Finishes – Walls, Ceilings and Floors.

What CSI division is cabinets?

Specify Division 12 for your peace of mind. For many people, a cabinet is a cabinet is a cabinet.

What is CSI UniFormat?

UniFormat™, a publication of CSI and CSC, is a method of arranging construction information based on functional elements, or parts of a facility characterized by their functions, without regard to the materials and methods used to accomplish them. These elements are often referred to as systems or assemblies.

What are the CSI divisions?

MasterFormat DivisionsDivision 00 – Procurement and Contracting Requirements.Division 01 – General Requirements.Division 02 – Existing Conditions.Division 03 – Concrete.Division 04 – Masonry.Division 05 – Metals.Division 06 – Wood, Plastics, Composites.Division 07 – Thermal and Moisture Protection.More items…•

What are the three parts of each technical specification section?

Each specification section is divided into three parts. These parts are Part 1–General, Part 2–Products, and Part 3–Execution. Each part includes particular information about the subject of the section. These three parts are fixed in number and title and are included in all specification sections.

What is a 3 part CSI specification?

Definition and Use. Though they go by other names, such as Product Guide Specifications or Guide Specifications, 3-Part Specifications, as the name implies, has three parts to the product specification: General, Products and Execution. Each part provides a standardized format of presenting specific product information.

What are the three parts of a technical section under the CSI format?

A Section is divided into three Parts; “Part 1 – General,” “Part 2 – Products,” and “Part 3 – Execution.” Each Part is further organized into a system of Articles and Paragraphs.

What is the CSI MasterFormat?

MasterFormat is a coding system for organizing construction documents, contracts, design specifications, and operational manuals. … MasterFormat is also a publication created and maintained by the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada (CSC).

What CSI division is electrical?

Division 26Division 26 — Electrical. Division 27 — Communications. Division 28 — Electronic Safety and Security.

How many divisions are there in the 2004 CSI MasterFormat?

50 divisionsIn 2004, CSI and CSC published a vastly expanded edition of MasterFormat organized into 50 divisions with six- and eight-digit section numbers.

What CSI division is fire sprinkler?

Division 21Division 21 – Fire Suppression.

What CSI division is structural steel?

CSI MasterFormat Division ListIntroductory InformationBidding Requirements05100Structural Metal Framing05200Metal Joists05300Metal Deck244 more rows

How do you write a construction project specification?

Writing Specifications for Construction ContractsThe layout and grouping of subjects should be logical. … Requirements for each subject should be stated clearly, in logical order, and checked to see all aspects are covered.Language and punctuation should be checked to see they cannot give rise to ambiguity.More items…

What is division10?

Division 10 is a division of construction that covers specialty products and materials for projects. These are products that don’t exactly fall under other standard divisions.

What CSI division is HVAC?

Division 23 – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Manufacturers. Material and product manufacturers relating to Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) are organized by the product or the material into CSI sections.